Ah Problems!

Let’s face it, we all have all them in various forms and more than anything else, we want to get rid of them fast and affordably. Presuming therefore you’re also looking for some sort of relief, then by all means peruse the list below to get a feel for what I do to then definitely get in touch via the contact page,  for a no cost and no obligation quick assessment as my significant experience in dealing with a large variety of matters including but not limited to the following, may be just what you need (and these are in no particular order):

  • Too Many Expenses?
  • Don’t Know Where The Money Goes?
  • Don’t Know How to Get a Partial or Full Tax Deduction On Your Home Mortgage Interest Without Dreading Capital Gains Tax At Sale?
  • Inadequate Savings, Investments and or Super?
  • Mortgage Stress?
  • Stuck In The Rent Trap?
  • Knocked Back For Finance?
  • A Slave To The Bank?
  • Grappling With Aged Care Issues For Your Parents?
  • Kids Private Education fees A Nightmare?
  • Paying Too Much Tax?
  • Don’t know how to run a profitable business that pays no tax as it helps one or more worthy causes you care for? 
  • Large Tax Debt or Looming Audit?
  • GST/BAS Dramas?
  • Generally Don’t Understand Financial Matters All That Well?
  • Paying Too Much For Your Life Insurance?
  • Not Enough Life Insurance (Hey – You Might Die Too Soon To Leave a Real Mess)?
  • Inadequate Super (Hang On, What Do You mean I Might Live Too Long and Leave Myself Short)?
  • Drowning in Debt?
  • Loaded With Bad Debt and Or Don’t Know The Difference Between Goood and Bad Debt?
  • Debts Under-insured or Uninsured?
  • Couldn’t Last More Than A Few Weeks or So Without Pay If You Became Sick or Injured?
  • Couldn’t Handle the Large Medical Bills That Sometimes Come With You or a Loved One Becoming Medically Traumatised?
  • Don’t Know How to Use Your Super For Heaps of Fun Before You Retire While It Makes You Good Money Towards Your Retirement & All Without Breaking The Rules?
  • Don’t Know How to Use Your Super To Put A Roof or A Better Roof Over Your Head, Again Without Breaking The Rules?
  • Your Business Could Crumble Without You?
  • Suffering A Business Failure/Bankruptcy/Insolvency?
  • You Think Self Managed Super Is Too Complex/Expensive/Out of Reach?
  • Accountant Too Conservative, Maybe Not That Good and or Too Expensive?
  • Need Some Business Advice/Coaching/Sounding Board?
  • Unsure How To Use Technology/Innovation To Drive Better Business Outcomes?
  • Not Sure Which is The Right Business Structure For You?
  • Behind On The Business Bookkeeping?
  • Don’t Know Where To Find Free Computerised Business Bookkeeping That’s Simple and Effective?
  • Not Sure How Much You’ll Need To Retire?
  • Holding Under-Performing Investments?
  • Holding Under-Performing Properties?
  • Not Making The Most of The Built Up Equity In Your Property/ies?
  • Unsure/Nervous About Investing?
  • Lumbered With Non-Competitive/Inflexible Loans?
  • Dealing With Potential Personal/Professional Litigation/Asset Protection Issues?
  • Generally Don’t Trust Real Estate Agents?
  • No Firm Plan If You or Another Key Person In Your Business Becomes Sick or Injured and Can’t Go On?
  • Your Financial Planner/Insurance Adviser Is Pushy and or Just Not That Switched-On?
  • And The List Goes On!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rest assured that whatever your problem, I’ll knuckle down and help you to INTELLISOLVE it!


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