Professional financial planning doesn’t need to be complicated and expensive and with us it isn’t!

The process basically involves allowing us to understand and document your current and proposed situation so that as your financial planner in Perth or anywhere else in Australia for that matter, we can figure out how to use “the system” to legally benefit you by way of creating and implementing a plan (and then monitoring it). All up, this approach vastly improves your chances of achieving your financial planning service  in Perth hopes and dreams (whatever these may be), rather than going it alone and flying by the seat of your pants.

So while it’s not rocket science, it can be very challenging to get one’s head around all the opportunities, combinations and permutations, the risks, threats, legislation, rules and changes to all of these etc, etc, making it quite daunting for some to even  get started (although we believe we can help just about anybody to see the benefits and motivate them to get involved in bettering their future).

So ask yourself  … “what’s important to me”?

Maybe it’s on this list:

  • Buying, paying off, extending, renovating or upgrading your home?
  • Investing an inheritance or other lump sum?
  • Starting, growing, pulling out of or ending a business?
  • Buying business premises?
  • Planning and investing for a comfortable retirement?
  • Putting the kids through private school and or uni?
  • Helping the kids to get started with a home or business of their own?
  • Helping elderly parents with their aged care?
  • Having regular, awesome holidays?
  • Managing your cash flow?
  • Keeping the wolf from the door?
  • Keeping the financial boat well afloat when you or someone else close dies or becomes sick or injured?
  • Philanthropy?
  • Ensuring your estate is well planned?
  • Investing into property or managed funds?
  • Comparing the attractiveness or otherwise of alternative asset classes?

Sure we could sit here and keep adding to this list however you might do well to brew up a few of your own!


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