Managed Funds


You might consider that everybody in a retail, industry or government super fund is invested in one or more managed funds. Such mechanisms within or external to super, serve to allow investors pooling their money to acquire investment assets at better prices than they could obtain individually or that they could afford at all. An added benefit is having a professional fund manager controlling the day to day activities to relieve investors of all the work and the stress. The costs and benefits of members’ involvement is apportioned on a unit entitlement basis.

Upon receiving your instructions, we as financial planner Perth will advise upon and implement your investment into a managed fund.

Please note however that we do not advise on margin loan facilities.


Whilst shares have a rightful place in most portfolios, we do not however give buy, hold or sell advice on direct shares.

If you are inclined to go down this path and unless you are very well-versed, we advise you to seek the services of a licensed stockbroker. 

With that said, a share is simply a parcel of ownership of a business that is listed on a stock exchange. In owning shares, you partly own the business however you cannot run the business other than to cast your vote at shareholder meetings or to appoint a proxy. You potentially make money with shares by way of dividend receipts and capital growth on the underlying value of the share.


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