Ponder This

Might We Be A Good Fit For Each Other?

Most probably YES, however providing:

1. You’re open-minded, realistic and willing to do something sensible about your situation.

2. You’re looking for an easy-going, non-stuffy experience and;

3. You fall into one or more of the categories below – i.e you’re a:

Wealth Accumulator With or Without A Superannuation Focus
Individual, Family or Business Person Wanting Solid Insurance Advice Now In Case You Unexpectedly Die or Suffer An Insurable Sickness or Accident
Retiree Looking to Strike The Balance Between Funds Preservation & Required Income
SMSF Trustee (Existing or Prospective) Wanting A Comprehensive, Fluent & Less Expensive Establishment and or Administration Service
Small Business Owner In Need of Business Planning and or Coaching, Advice on Start-Ups, Exit Strategies, Tax Effective Premises Ownership, Key-Person Insurance and or Wanting A Referral to Our Trusted General Insurance, Leasing & Finance Colleagues
Medium to Large Business Wanting to Create or Revise Your Employee Salary Sacrifice Scheme & or Your Group Life Insurance Package 
Property Investor  Desiring Commercial & or Residential Advisory, Buying & Selling Services
Residential Landlord Wanting To Look at Options For Your Portfolio That Can Deliver Higher After-Tax Returns & Improved Lifestyle or Simply Perhaps, A Good Deal On Professional Property Management Services.
Home Renter Wanting To Get off The Renting Treadmill.

Furthermore we give you a NO OBLIGATIONFREE,  30 MINUTE INITIAL ASSESSMENT so we can get get to know each other and to mutually scope out your needs.

Now please consider that undoubtedly, today’s world is complex, fragile and susceptible to regulatory, political, legal, judicial, business, economic, banking, insurance, investment, technological and environmental causes and reactions which align from time to time, only to inevitably collide, splinter and fracture at others. To compound matters, such forces can at  times be local, national and or global or a mix of each. All of this impacts us and our family’s finances and lifestyles.

To get ahead or in some cases to cut our losses (i.e. minimise our pain), we must firstly accept that there’s never a magic bullet to any of it, usually just considered actions to be taken by those of us who are willing to do something rather than to sit and do nothing and all this only by way of genuine and balanced consideration of the issues and challenges as may be confronting us and or of the suitable opportunities to be identified or created and then seized.

This is where Intellisolve comes into its own by adding massive value directly to clients and to other advice businesses by virtue of it being a multi-faceted, professional advisory, sales and procurement firm that draws upon some twenty years of experience across financial services, property, mortgage broking and taxation as well as in having drawn significant experience, knowledge and strength from numerous concerted engagements on related matters seemingly as beyond the interest of mainstream advice businesses in regards to each of the Office of The Treasurer Canberra, The Treasury Canberra, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, the Australian Taxation Office, the Tax Practitioners Board and Australia’s Small Business Commissioner.

We routinely collaborate with our external trusted business referral partners to ensure you receive complimentary advice and services that we are not equipped or licensed to provide in-house to save you needlessly running around to source intelligent and ethical providers at fair value. Moreover, we trust you see this as an expression of how much we care and that we’re not afraid to say that we don’t know it all (noone does).

Equally, we also embrace modern technologies and practices such as Business Process Outsourcing to save our office significant administrative burden. I.e. we pay others to perform time consuming but necessary compliance tasks as associated with our lines of business so we may better focus more of our time and energy continuing to learn and develop new and better ways for you to thrive in good times and in bad. We know you’re smart enough to appreciate how this works to your advantage as just one good idea that we may otherwise had never had the time to formulate and or pursue via our own due diligence, could certainly change your life but unless for example your accountant or bookkeeper is extraordinary, then it probably doesn’t matter all that much who you use for your “usual compliance stuff”. There’s no compelling value to you in our spending hours upon hours doing all that as  long as it gets done properly and efficiently and at a fair price by someone competent who ultimately answers to us. This is exactly what some of the largest companies in the world do to to keep costs down for their customers whilst improving their bottom line. Given therefore that we’ve jumped on a fast moving trend that’s not going to disappear, no less our deliverables are of the highest order and are priced such that we doubt you’ll find a truly better deal elsewhere whilst also reflecting a healthy self-respect and self-belief in the value we add to you and or your business.

We are now aligned with an Australian owned and managed market pioneer and having personally visited the NSW headquarters and spending time with the CEO, I assure you of their legitimacy including many years of experience coupled with technical expertise, data security and overall business integrity. As Australian specialists and independently of us, they too are registered as an agent under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009. Additionally, they are a Practice Entity Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia enabling their staff to handle the same Australian tax, super fund and regulatory  issues as Intellisolve.

Staying with value, we believe that what you should want and value most from your advice relationship is to have a two-way open and honest line of communication so we can “bounce” ideas and opinions off each other as more than anything, this will ensure you receive suitable initial strategic advice. To get to this point, we encourage you to “tell us all” as we “ssshhh up and listen”. There’s no better way – never has been – never will be!  After this, you then need efficient implementation support coupled with vital ongoing advice and services to smooth your important journey of leading a better life than the one you had before ever doing business with us. 

We get that this is a people business and that we have to really help you or there’s no point to our existence. 

Also, we’re sticklers for making file notes and documenting everything important and putting it in front of you for signing-off to hopefully eliminate misunderstandings, unmet expectations or other grievances.

We take the required time to become intimate with your current situation, your needs, your desires and also your fears (so we may try and quell these as best we can by presenting you with strategies that will give rise to whatever opportunities we think fit to safeguard what you have built up to date, whilst optimising your returns and your entitlements).  

In line therefore with your personal and business attitude to the many risks out there, our purpose is to encourage and support your wider understanding of your options in pursuing a brighter future. Sometimes of course, it will be prudent to remain still for a while as the dust settles from a calamity somewhere in the world or perhaps from within your own life however on balance, usually the biggest risk lays in habitual procrastination in spite of whatever good reasons may present from time to time such that you should really get on with it. We plead that you don’t effectively rob yourself to perhaps look back  in five, ten or twenty years from now to say something like” if only I had have gotten in back then” or “if only I had have taken proper advice” or “if only I’d have been covered“.

So whatever your situation, needs and dreams, we take great care in drafting our initial advice, to then guide you as required with the strategic purchase and or sale of your home, residential or commercial property investments, your business premises, your business and any beneficial investment or insurance financial products.

In accordance with your overall situation, budget and needs, you may of course instruct us to limit the scope of our engagement. Notwithstanding, we assist you to maximise your opportunities and entitlements, to meet your taxpayer and other obligations and to identify and manage risk. 

Our in-house capability saves you time, frustration and mistakes by minimising the need to run any aspect of your advice past different firms which often don’t properly understand what others may have told you and why.

We also save you money by NOT needlessly incurring doubled-up fees from various advice providers who would otherwise need to repeat much of our already performed data collection, profiling and analysis prior to making their recommendations.

Always personally tailored, our advice is  realistic, concise, conveniently obtained in one place, simple to understand and easy to digest.

Furthermore our related financial product acquisition and property buying and selling services are professionally executed with a minimum of fuss, in the shortest times possible and for the best possible results for our customers.


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