To Be Successful

Here are 20 things successful people DON’T do!

  1. They don’t define success in monetary terms: As a financial professional, let me start by saying that it’s absolutely not about the money! Rather, successful people tend to define success as happiness which can be defined in the form of peace of mind and helping others. Sure, money helps you to live more comfortably and allow more opportunities but it can never buy you “happiness”.
  1. They don’t commence a day without making plans: Discipline and managing one’s time is more important than ever before in today’s technological world. By setting up “to-do-lists” and planning your day, weeks and months more effectively will help in achieving optimal performance.
  1. They don’t define “perfection” as their end goal: Striving for growth and outcomes is far better than wasting time looking for mistakes and faults to fix.
  1. They don’t surround themselves with negative people: Surrounding yourself with negative people only generates negative energy. Positive and optimistic people give you the inspiration and the belief, that it is possible for you to succeed.
  1. They don’t perceive difficulties as problems: They confront obstacles as challenges and not problems and this positive outlook helps in accomplishing outcomes.
  1. They don’t let failure bring them down: Learning from past failures makes you grow and experience life. It does not matter how many times you fall, it matters more, how many times you pick yourself up.
  1. They don’t let problems bring them down: Shifting your attention to the action than focusing on the problem itself, helps you achieve better solutions to problems. This not only helps you think more positively but also reduce stress levels.
  1. They don’t make excuses: Being responsible for your own actions when things go wrong. Making excuses or blaming others does not make matters any better, but taking responsible action shows responsibility.

  2. They don’t let other people’s judgements affect their self-esteem: By not allowing other people’s judgements concern you- will help you to focus on your journey. You do not need everyone’s approval. It is what you truly believe in that should matter.

  3. They don’t envy other people’s success: Being inspired by other peoples’ success is better than being envious and resentful. Everyone should have a chance of achieving success.
  1. They don’t ignore those they love: True success starts from within. No matter how important work may be, it is always important to never lose sight of your partner, your family and your friends and they are so much more important in life.
  1. They don’t forget to have fun: You should always make time for yourself. You should not focus on work alone as life would be meaningless.
  1. They don’t overlook their health: Everything in life starts off with health. If you do not have health, you cannot have life.
  1. They don’t set vague life goals: Setting clear goals helps you set plans and a road-map to achieving your desired goals. By having a clear life-goal, you are able to evaluate and help you get on your road-map should you become distracted.
  1. They don’t just talk the talk….they walk the walk: Delivering on promises made and keeping to your word delivers reliability and trust. Breaking promises or commitments that you have made will only damage your reputation.
  1. They don’t let themselves become victims: Removing yourself from situations that may allow you to feel like a victim. It is better to let things go and not to hold grudges. It is always best to move on.
  1. They don’t get stuck in the past: If you live in your past, you may not achieve happiness. Live life for each moment and you will surely be happier.
  1. They don’t resist change: Nothing will ever stay the same. Resisting change only makes for unhappy feelings.
  1. They don’t ever stop learning: No matter how old you are, you should never stop learning.
  1. They don’t end their days without feeling thankful: No matter how big or small, you should always feel thankful. That is the secret to positive energy and a peaceful mind.


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